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Lottery for Journalists

The Lottery for Journalists
During the Winter Holiday International Tourism Fair, there will be organized a lottery for the accredited journalists.
In order to participate to the lottery, one must use only their business card.
The prize will be offered by drawing of lots, on October 2nd, in the C4 Gallery, at 3h30 p.m.

The prize consists of a 5* escapade in Azuga:
Off-road tour for two persons: a Jeep Wrangler (with attendant) - Valea Azugii, Cabana Trifoiul, Vârful Tigăile 1500 m, Cabana Susai, Azuga
Activities - archery and paintball: 2 x 100 balls.
Accommodation - one double room with breakfast at Hotel Lux Garden 5 * (except during holidays), for 2 persons
Dinner or breakfast at Cramele Halewood, Azuga for 2 persons.

The prize is offered by: