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Bucharest has a public transport network that includes subway (underground transport) and tramways, busses and trolleybusses (surface transport).
To travel by subway, you may purchase:
 a 2-trip card (LEI 2,5)
 a 10-trip card (LEI 8)
 a one-day card (LEI 4)
To travel by surface transport, you may purchase:
1-trip RATB ticket (LEI 1,3)
1-day all-lines subscription (LEI 8)
7-day all-lines subscription (LEI 17)

    * the unique-cost travel tickets and the subscriptions can be purchased from the special RATB cabins in stations.

    * the 1-trip tickets must be purched for every trip with the surface transport means.

In Bucharest is also a Maxi-Taxi network. It’s a private public transport network with various rates, depending on the distance. The prices and routes are displayed on each vehicle. The trip is paid to the driver when getting on the transport means.
Taxi Companies - Phone numbers
Taxi Total
Taxi Mondial
Taxi Meridian
Taxi Leone
Taxi Cobalcescu
Rodell Taxi
Taxi 2000
Domino Taxi

9461 / 9421 / 9466
9444 / 9888

  • Each company shall display the lei/km tariff on the car door. Tariffs differ from one company to another and vary between 1,2lei/km - 5 lei/km. Tariffs also differ as to daytime/night.
  • Besides the price per km, both the starting and standing are charged.
  • For travels outside Bucharest, an extra charge is applied.
  • For each drive by taxi, you can request a tax receipt, which indicates the number of km and the price of the drive.


Pre-emption Right 17.12.2010 - Deadline for pre-emption right in choosing the same booth as for Winter Holiday 2010 Lower Space Rental Fee 31.01.2011 - Deadline for the lower space rental fee payment