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Entrance tickets for The Holiday Market Tourism Fair can be purchased online on: www.biletoo.ro

Welcome Message

Dear partners,
On behalf of myself and my fellow colleagues from the Board of Directors of ANAT, it is my great pleasure to invite you to “Holiday Market International Tourism Fair”, held between the 18th and the 21stof March 2010, at the  Palace of Parliament,the first International Tourism Fair organized by ANAT!

After several years of ANAT being a partner or aco-organizer for different tourism fairs, now it is the time when ANAT wouldl ike to invite their members, their national and international partners, aswell as all the companies with activities related to tourism, to take part to fairs of their own.
We will have by our side, as exhibitors, travel agencies, hotelier partners, airlines companies, health insurance companies, associations for the promoting of regional tourism, tourism offices and representatives of many states, international partners, local authorities, as well as the Ministry of the Tourism and Regional Development,all being part of an event that will host destination presentations, seminars,the “The Good Practices Forum” and presentations provided by the sponsors.
With the occasion of ANAT’s 20th celebration,the President and the Board of Directors of ANAT take upon themselves the honorable responsibility of organizing an exceptional event that reunites great exhibitions. We hope you will be a part of it!
Corina Martin
President of  ANAT